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30 Apr 2009


Social Europe & Jobs

An online tool to assess the compliance with CSR

The new assessment tool designed to evaluate the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strengths and weaknesses of enterprises, is now available online. Enterprises are
encouraged to take the test and to apply for the European “CEEP-CSR Label” before the end of June.

This tool was created by the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public services (CEEP) and partners through the EC co-funded project “Discerno” to promote CSR.

The project targets companies of all sizes, particularly those with a specific focus on providing services of general interest. The assessment tool takes expressly into consideration the specificities of CSR in enterprises depending on their size, their field of activity and their

The assessment will lead to concrete results for decision-makers on how to better implement CSR in the daily management of enterprises in light with international and
European standards and certifications, such as EMAS, ISO 9001 or the coming ISO 26000.

Finally, after further evaluation by external experts, enterprises complying best with CSR will receive the well-known “CEEP-CSR Label”.

Enterprises will be awarded during CEEP’s next European conference of Local Public enterprises on the 27th October 2009 in Brussels.

The work is managed with the collaboration of the following partners:
FEDEPL (France), GEBALIS EEM (Portugal), VKU (Germany), WSAP (Poland), Confservizi (Italy),
BICA (Bulgaria) and CEEP.