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The Digital Agenda for Europe recognises the need to incentivise private investments in NGA


19 May 2010



BRUSSELS – The Digital Agenda for Europe unveiled today by Commissioner Kroes has the potential to contribute to achieving the objectives of the EU 2020 Strategy of creating jobs and growth and enhancing Europeans’ welfare.   

“ETNO applauds the focus on the need to accelerate the deployment of fast and very fast fixed and wireless broadband access networks and to reinforce incentives for private investments”, says Michael Bartholomew, ETNO Director.

“The forthcoming NGA Recommendation should now reflect the priorities of the Digital Agenda by allowing for a more targeted regulatory approach for next generation access networks. Any regulatory approach to NGA should take into account the high investment risks, the varying levels of competition in different geographic areas and promote a fair sharing of risks between investors and access seekers”, added Bartholomew.  

ETNO is pleased that the Digital Agenda addresses remaining obstacles to the development of a single market for online content. An easier and streamlined pan-European content licensing system is a key priority for ETNO members, who are increasing their offers for legal online content services. As recognised in the document the availability of wider and more attractive legitimate online content is the best way to fight against illicit file-sharing.

ETNO members fully share the Digital Agenda’s goal of reinforcing the single market for telecommunications services for the full benefit of European consumers. In this context, ETNO believes that competition and market forces should be trusted for further delivering choice and value to retail consumers, including for international roaming.

ETNO welcomes the Commission’s priority for making broadband services increasingly available and enhancing citizens’ digital skills. Thanks to their R&D efforts, ETNO member companies are already offering a large range of online services adapted to people with special needs. E-communications providers have also a long record of initiatives and educational campaigns aiming at enhancing the use of information and communications technology (ICT).

ETNO also welcomes the objective of stimulating the development of independent living solutions for elderly and e-health applications that ETNO members are increasingly offering throughout the EU.

Finally, ETNO believes that the potential of ICT for reducing CO2 emissions should be fully exploited by strengthening incentives for citizens and businesses to opt for low-carbon broadband-based solutions.

“The Digital Agenda echoes many of the key concerns expressed by the industry which will now need to be translated into practice. ETNO also maintains that concrete measures to encourage demand, such as tax incentives, should be fully part of the strategy. Achieving the Digital Agenda for Europe will also require a strong partnership between all stakeholders for which ETNO members, as main investors in tomorrow’s e-communications services and infrastructure, are ready”, concluded Bartholomew.

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