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Delegation of MEPs in Tunisia


27 Jan 2011


Global Europe

Delegation of MEPs in Tunisia


A delegation of MEPs will be going to Tunis next Thursday 3rd February. Following internal discussions, not all political groups will be represented on the delegation.


The GUE/NGL Group, which from the very beginning of the demonstrations has fought to get the European Parliament to express itself through a resolution, is planning to send its own delegation in order to express its solidarity with the Tunisian people, meet opposition forces on the ground and to transmit their legitimate democratic aspirations as early as next week during the debate in the European Parliament.


MEP Marie Christine Vergiat, GUE/NGL Coordinator on the European Parliament's Human Rights Sub-Committee, has tabled a resolution on Tunisia on behalf of the group GUE/NGL for the  plenary session of the European Parliament next week.


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