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DECLARATION OF BUDAPEST 2008 on "The future of Europe's energy supply" adopted by the participating Parliamentarians


14 Nov 2008

8th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

7th November 2008, Parliament of Hungary, Budapest

DECLARATION OF BUDAPEST 2008 on "The future of Europe's energy supply"


-having regard to its Berlin Declaration 2007

-having regard to its Edinburgh Declaration 2005

-having regard to its Athens Declaration 2003

-having regard to its Santiago de Compostela Declaration 2002

-having regard to its Madeira Declaration 2000

A. whereas Europe is facing a financial crisis, which will inevitably affect the real economy

and particularly affect the poorest households; whereas energy poverty is likely to grow;

B. whereas climate change still remains the biggest threat facing mankind today;

C. whereas the EU`s dependency on fossil and nuclear energy and on a limited number of

energy producers is a serious risk to its stability and prosperity;

D. whereas EU industries in the renewable energy sector are global market leaders, whilst

others like China and the USA have started to invest massively in the renewable energy

sector; whereas the political change in the USA will hopefully bring along a positive

change in the US American Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency policy;

E. whereas energy efficiency has a crucial role to play in reducing the EU`s dependency on

energy imports, in enforcing competitiveness and in limiting the effects of climate


F. whereas only a truly liberalised market with independent grid operators can favour the

integration of renewable energy into decentralised grids;

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