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Data sharing will be more secure and consumer-friendly, thanks to the S&Ds


14 Mar 2023



The Socialists and Democrats led a majority in the European Parliament for the vote in plenary on their priorities improving the legislative proposal by the European Commission, known as the Data Act. This legislation will establish common rules governing the sharing of data generated by the use of connected products or related services, like the Internet of Things (IoT) or industrial machines. The S&D Group introduced provisions for the use of privately held non-personal data by public sector bodies in emergency situations for public interest, better protection and guaranteed free of charge access to data from a connected product for consumers.

Miapetra Kumpula-Natri, MEP and S&D negotiator on the Data Act, said:

“The Data Act will provide a clear framework to enable the fair and open utilisation of data by private businesses, consumers, and the public sector. This is a historical legislation, as we will create a new European right. It creates a new right to users, companies, and consumers to obtain their data from a connected product rather than being just an object of data collection.

“The competitiveness of Europe’s industry and economy has been a great cause of political concern this winter due to high energy prices, the war on our continent, and the upheaval of global supply chains. With a fair data economy, we can demonstrate that the data market can reflect the European objectives of open competition, consumer protection, and democratic values.

“For private businesses, the Data Act is a key element on the regulatory side to give a push for European data innovations and data markets in this changing world - and to create more jobs and welfare in the process.                               

“For consumers, the adoption of our proposals by the EP’s plenary means consumers would have access to the data they generate by using free of charge connected products. Our group also made sure the Data Act includes obligations to promote data literacy and tools for its development.

“For the public sector, the Data Act will enable the use of data to address public emergencies and to optimise public services. The public sector cannot work with just papers, prints, and stamps whilst everything becomes connected and operates with data. In my capacity as S&D negotiator with the other political groups, I included provisions for non-emergency situations cover, and also for cases in which data needs to be shared to fulfil a specific task in the public interest that has been explicitly provided by law."


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