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Danfoss Urges HVAC industry to Embrace Generation Z


07 Dec 2017


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The cooling and heating industry needs to move quickly to create a dialog with the next generation to engage them in engineering tomorrow.

Generation Z is soon entering the market as consumers and 76% of them are concerned about man’s impact on the planet. The cooling and heating industry plays an important role in solving climate change, as energy-efficient solutions can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, energy-efficient products can help limit the 1.5 billion tons of CO2 per year that cooling is forecasted to emit over the next 15 years. To put that into perspective, CO2 emissions from cooling over 15 years would be equal to three times the current energy emissions of Brazil.[1]

To prepare for Generation Z’s entrance into the market, the HVAC industry needs to start adapting and developing new business models now. Digitalization, the sharing economy, and a customer-first approach are all essential trends that need to be explored. Jürgen Fischer, President of Danfoss Cooling, states: “Our industries need to focus on three things: 1. Energy efficiency as the best solution to combat climate change and deliver a better world to the next generations. 2. Making cooling interesting to Generation Z through new business models that incorporate major trends like digitalization. 3. Incorporate Generation Z as the workforce of tomorrow by showing the agility necessary to attract the best talent.”

Digital solutions open many possibilities for tomorrow’s cooling workforce and have the benefit of being tuned to Generation Z’s native language. Danfoss has already been hard at work in this space and has developed several free resources, including the CoolApps Toolbox, a collection of mobile apps for Android and iPhone. These apps help service technicians and engineers service, install, and optimize cooling equipment to run properly and efficiently, and simplify many daily tasks. All seven apps are available for free at

Jürgen Fischer is attending this year’s annual EUREKA conference to deliver a keynote speech about the future relationship between HVAC and Generation Z. The theme of this year’s conference is “Sustainable technologies for a better life,” which presents a unique opportunity to engage professionals from throughout the HVACR value chain and challenge them to shape the future of the HVAC sector. EUREKA is organized by EPEE and EVIA, two leading industry associations headquartered in Brussels and representing the HVACR industry in Europe. The conference will take place on December 11 & 12 in Berlin. Mr. Fischer remarked, “Berlin is well-known as an innovation hub and is an ideal location to bring our somewhat old-fashioned industry into the world of tomorrow.”

Danfoss is encouraging their partners and customers to join them as they shape the HVAC industry of tomorrow. “It is going to be an exciting event at an exciting location,” Mr. Fischer concluded.

For more information watch the full video on EUREKA by Danfoss Cooling President Jürgen Fischer.

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Danfoss Cooling 

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Jürgen Fischer, President of Danfoss Cooling is delivering a keynote speech at the EUREKA conference 11-12 December in Berlin.

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