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Dalton: "Car makers trying to cheat emissions tests will be found out."


07 Dec 2017


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Tough new measures to prevent a repeat of the vehicle emissions scandal have been approved by the European Union.

Piloted through the European Parliament by ECR MEP Dan Dalton, they will see a minimum of 500 models of cars of various ages being tested by Member States each year.

National authorities undertaking the work will be reviewed by the European Commission to ensure the tests are consistent and effective.

Speaking after agreement was reached today in talks between the Parliament, Commission and the European Council, Mr Dalton said: "This is the final step in fixing a broken system which let down millions of people around Europe."

"It is good news for car owners, who can be sure their vehicles perform as they are supposed to; for manufacturers, who can be sure that competitors aren't cheating the regulations; and for air quality."

"No longer will illegally polluting cars make it onto our roads undetected."

Other measures featured in the new legislation include:

  • Owners will be reimbursed if they make repairs on vehicles to fix issues later subject to a manufacturer's recall.
  • Independent garages will have access to information on vehicles they need to compete with dealers and help drive down prices.
  • If there is any repeat of VW-style cheating of emissions tests, national governments and, if necessary, the Commission, will be able to levy fines.
  • The testing system will be much more transparent, with third parties able to access the data.

Mr Dalton added: "It has not been easy to secure agreement but I am delighted that we managed to include in the final text almost all the recommendations made by Parliament's committee of inquiry into the emissions scandal."

"Make no mistake, in future any manufacturers trying to cheat the system will be found out and properly punished."




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