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Crystal IS joins LightingEurope


12 Feb 2021



Brussels, 12 February 2021 – Crystal IS, a leading manufacturer of Aluminum Nitride  semiconductor material and UV-C LEDs, joins the European industry association LightingEurope.  

Crystal IS offers UV-C LEDs and systems for disinfection, and UV-C LEDs for absorption and  fluorescence spectroscopy. 

“It’s an exciting time to join LightingEurope,” notes Larry Felton, CEO of Crystal IS. “The Covid 19 pandemic highlights the need for innovative disinfection products to combat the spread of  harmful viruses, whether airborne or on everyday high contact surfaces. It’s also evident that  we need guidelines to ensure that these products provide real disinfection and end user benefits. LightingEurope’s mandate to educate institutions and policy makers on the benefits,  safety, and opportunities brought by innovations in the European lighting market fits our mission to create UVC solutions for healthy living around the world. We look forward to working  with LightingEurope and the general lighting industry to advance the use of safe UVC  disinfection for infection prevention.” 

“LightingEurope is proud to be joined by a technology pioneer such as Crystal IS,” states  Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General of LightingEurope. “Interest in UV-C disinfection  technologies has boomed over the past months and LightingEurope offers a unique collaboration platform for manufacturers to ensure safe quality UV-C products are being made  available. As a LED UV-C specialist, Crystal IS will substantively contribute to our mission on  behalf of Europe’s lighting industry to accelerate the uptake of good lighting and UV-C  disinfection technologies in the new framework of the EU Green Deal and the Renovation  Wave Initiative.”