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Croatian legislative elections, Heinz Bierbaum "Green-Left Coalition the only real and progressive answer to the current crisis and against the extreme right"


02 Jul 2020



Croatian voters will go to the polls on the 5th of July to elect 151 members of the new parliament. The Party of the European Left (EL) expresses its support to the Green–Left Coalition, who is running in this important election seeking a progressive answer to the current crisis in the interest of the peoples.

“This is a crucial polling date for the future of Croatia as well as of the European Union. The Green–Left Coalition represents a left alternative for Croatia, and the political activity of this coalition of leftist and progressive parties will be central for the country” said Heinz Bierbaum, President of the EL.

“The Green-Left Coalition represents the only true and real alternative capable to guarantee social justice, fight for women's rights and a political plan able to guarantee a social and ecological transformation of the economy of the region” - continues Bierbaum.  

“The coalition is the only political project really close to working people, and it represents a real change against the rise of the extreme right and for an economic model oriented towards public welfare, against the lack in social policy of the center-left parties”.  



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