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Crisis must not be used as excuse to deny climate justice in Cancún


25 Nov 2010


Climate & Environment
EU Priorities 2020

"We must not repeat the mistakes of Copenhagen last year" Irish GUE/NGL MEP Bairbre de Brún warned during today's European Parliament debate on the upcoming Climate change Summit in Cancún, Mexico.

"The EU should unilaterally increase its emission reduction target for 2020 and persuade other developed countries to sign up to an overall emission reduction target of 80%-95% by 2050 not only because this will help the negotiations in Cancun but also because we need to do this for our own sake".

"Developed countries must provide adequate climate financing, including full transparency on and strong political commitment to the implementation of the fast-start financing.  There must also be new and additional sources of long-term finance. Options should include international financial transaction taxes and finance from international aviation and shipping" de Brún said calling on MEPs to block amendments that seek to weaken Parliament's resolution on the issue.

"The global economic crisis must not be used as an excuse for inaction or for denying climate justice. Climate change is a problem that must be fought globally and to do this we need an atmosphere of trust" she concluded.

German MEP Sabine Wils said the Cancún talks need to exert "positive and constructive pressure on states to ensure we have international cooperation and national legislation to help foster climate protection". "We all have our responsibilities and we need to prove ourselves regardless of the US position. We will be judged by our results. On long-term financing the EU needs to go in with its cards on the table and when it comes to emissions reductions we need ambitious targets - the temperature on this planet should not be allowed to increase by more than 1.5°C."

Marisa Matias from Portugal called for courage. "There seems to be a lack of courage, and even fear about going to Cancún. This is one of the biggest crises we've ever faced so we have to be brave. We have to show a capacity to redistribute to help the poorest countries. We must face up to the crisis on a just basis - that is realism" she concluded.



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