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Consumers can be assured that paper recycling benefits the environment and society!


06 Apr 2009


Climate & Environment
Sustainable Dev.

Paper recycling is a positive action for the climate and fosters sustainable growth and jobs.

“Every piece of paper in your recycling bin counts for a better environment and society”, said Phil Mogel, Chairman of the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC), representing 14 sectors along the paper value chain.

“Industry reiterates its commitment to voluntary recycling targets and confirms a sustained demand for good quality recovered paper despite difficult economic conditions,” continued Mr. Mogel. “Consumers can be assured that their efforts in sorting continue to serve a real purpose.”
The European Recovered Paper Council challenges those local authorities that have not yet made decisions on separate collection of paper to do so in advance of the 2015 target set in the new Waste Directive. Local authorities are needed to facilitate between people’s will to recycle their papers and industry’s demand for that material in reprocessing it into new paper products. One of the key benefits of paper recycling is that there are carbon savings available from simply diverting paper products from alternative disposal routes such as landfill and incineration.

If every citizen in the EU became as good in recycling their paper as the current best, another 10 million tonnes of paper would be recycled, raising the figure to a total of over 70 million tonnes of paper being recycled every year. This increase would mean an opportunity for more
jobs along the sectors in the value chain as well as an additional CO2 saving of up to 14 million tonnes 1.

The ERPC reiterates the vital importance of reducing unjustified administrative barriers for paper recycling and the urgent need to accelerate work on the end-of-waste criteria as provided in the revised waste directive.
Although the ERPC acknowledges the global economic downturn and its inevitable effects on the recycling industry, it maintains a positive outlook for the development of paper recycling.

In 2007, paper was recycled at the rate of 64,5% in Europe, and the industry will keep putting all their efforts into meeting the voluntary target of 66% by the end of 2010. Less than 15% of the paper collected in Europe was exported to other countries for recycling in 2007.
For further information about the ERPC, contact the ERPC secretariat on tel +32 2 627 49 19
or email: Please visit

Notes to editor
The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) was set up after the launch of the First European Declaration on Paper Recovery in November 2000 with the aim to monitor the
progress made towards meeting the targets set out in the European Declaration. The current target is to reach 66% recycling rate in 29 European countries (EU 27 + Norway and
Switzerland) by 2010.

The ERPC monitors the progress of the European Declaration openly and transparently and co-ordinates the joint work to achieve the set targets. Signatories & Supporters of the New European Declaration on Paper Recycling represent 14 economic sectors along the paper value chain.

The following tasks were given to the ERPC:
· to coordinate the commitments of all the Signatories and Supporters
· to take steps to improve the quality of the information available
· to discuss all relevant matters regarding the successful operation of the European
· to coordinate public information on the achievements of the European Declaration
· to produce annual reports.


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