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16 Apr 2014


Health & Consumers

ANEC welcomes yesterday’s decision of the European Parliament to improve consumer safety and product compliance in the Internal Market by approving the new Consumer Product Safety Regulation (CPSR) and Market Surveillance Regulation (MSR).  

“MEPs agreed on improvements to the original European Commission proposals by advocating strengthened product traceability, the introduction of a Pan-European accident & injury database, inclusion of reference the precautionary principle and measures to increase the protection of vulnerable consumers” said ANEC Secretary-General, Stephen Russell. “All issues we promoted and support[1]”.

He added, “Regrettably, Member States have not found agreement on mandatory indication of country of origin, supported by the Parliament, due to differences of views between exporting and importing countries. We now call on the Council of Ministers, the other co-legislator, to approve the new laws and put consumer safety first”.







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