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Consumer Choice Center published Policy Paper on Illicit Trade


31 Jul 2020



Today, the Consumer Choice Center announced the publication of the newly written policy paper on illicit trade in the European Union and the associated risks for consumers.

“Illicit trade is a major challenge to societies in today’s globalized world,” says Bertoletti, European Affairs Manager at the Consumer Choice Center.

“From cosmetics to medicines and cigarettes, illicit trade is putting millions of consumers across the world at risk. The scope of the problem is transnational, and, therefore, the cost of misguided policies is very high.

Our policy paper lays out smart policy recommendations that we believe will have a lasting impact if endorsed as a viable strategy.” Bertoletti continues.

As our paper shows, the dangers of illicit trade are most apparent in healthcare, medicine, tobacco, and agriculture.

Our goal should be to create and sustain the conditions under which there would be no incentive to turn to the black market.

This can be achieved by reducing tax burdens, enhancing branding and marketing freedom, introducing harsher penalties for fraudulent trading practices, and ensuring transparency across western countries,” he concluded.

You can read the policy paper HERE

***CCC European Affairs Manager Luca Bertoletti is available to speak with accredited media on consumer regulations and consumer choice issues. Please send media inquiries HERE***


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