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Commission strategy on gender equality: all talk and no action?


22 Sep 2010


Social Europe & Jobs

Today European Commission unveiled their plans for the next five years to combat inequality between men and women in the EU. While ALDE broadly supports this strategy and welcomes all measures aimed at tackling gender imbalance, is this plan heavy on rhetoric and too light on action?

Dr Antonyia Parvanova (National Movement for Stability and Progress, Bulgaria) and ALDE coordinator on the Womens Committee commented, "The European Commission is setting up an ambitious agenda, tackling gender equality in a wide range of policy areas. We particularly welcome the fact that actions addressing the existing social and economic gender gaps are being pursued, as well as the emphasis on women in top level decision-making positions but while I notice plenty of vocabulary such as "promoting", "welcoming", "reporting" and "considering", I am concerned that there is not enough concrete action being proposed".

Mrs Parvanova who drafted a report on social integration in the EU which was adopted recently by the European Parliament continued,

"My Group is committed to working actively on this agenda, making sure the Commission's strategy does not remain a paper document but is translated into concrete legislative and policy initiatives to be implemented. Combating all forms of gender-based violence is for example a priority which cannot wait for any further delay and needs immediate actions."

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