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Commission censured for lethargy on fisheries crisis


10 May 2011


Agriculture & Food

Putting forward proposals to tackle the ongoing crisis in the fisheries sector that has been exacerbated by a recent sharp increase in fuel prices, GUE/NGL MEP João Ferreira told fisheries Commissioner Damanaki that one "cannot cure a disease by killing the patient," criticised the Commission for doing nothing, and warned of the eradication of the whole sector in Europe.


"Over recent years the numbers of fishermen leaving the industry has grown. This trend is set to continue and may result in the EU being left with no fisheries sector at all" he said, pointing to decreasing fish prices and falling incomes for fisheries workers. "Fishermen can't cope with this oscillation of prices for fuel and fish."


In terms of solutions, Ferreira suggested firstly that problems should be solved at local level. "We need a guarantee fund co-financed by the EU to ensure fuel price stability and all the possibilities of the European budget to finance extraordinary measures of support for the sector should be investigated. A better distribution of added value down the chain, together with proper reform and renewal of fishing fleets to make vessels safer and more fuel efficient will improve the viability of the sector, particularly the small scale coastal fishing which is in particular trouble."
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