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COGEN Europe urges Belgian EU Presidency to champion energy efficiency


19 Aug 2010



4 August 2010

COGEN Europe highlighted the hugely positive role for energy efficiency for Europe’s economic recovery plan in an open letter to the European Presidency on August 03, and encouraged the Presidency to champion energy efficiency during its term.

The revision of the regulation concerning the economic recovery plan relating to allowing the allocation of unused budgets to projects for energy efficiency and renewable energy will be carried out under this presidency. It is an opportunity to move energy efficiency to the top of the energy agenda. At a time where economic recovery is vital for Europe, investing in energy efficiency first makes abundant sense. Investment in energy efficiency creates jobs, improves competitiveness, drives innovation and greens the economy. The energy efficiency sector in Europe as a whole employs over half a million European citizens with over 100,000 of those employed in cogeneration. The jobs cover the full spectrum of the economy, are local, and accessible, with existing talent pools and supply chains.

Fiona Riddoch Managing Director of COGEN Europe stated “There has never been a better time to invest in cogeneration and energy efficiency. It is a direct boost to Europe’s economy. The absence of energy efficiency investment from the original recovery plan was a serious omission and this Presidency should make it a priority to address it now.”


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