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Code EFABAR releases new update on “Code of Good Practice”


30 Aug 2017


Agriculture & Food

During  the  annual  general  meeting  of  EFFAB  on  May  9,  2017,  the  new  version  of  the  voluntary code  of  good  practice  for  farm  animal  breeding  organisations,  the  Code-EFABAR  2017,  was launched.  Code  EFABAR  has  always  been  a  way  for  breeders  to  show  their  commitment  to responsible breeding since  its  first launch in 2006. The new  version, Code  EFABAR 2017, has been designed to keep pace with demands on sustainable breeding now and in the  future  taking into account the societal challenges. 

In a society increasingly interested in the health, welfare, environmental and other aspects of animal production  and  in  the  use  of  natural  resources,  it  is  important  that  animal  breeders  take responsibility for their part of the animal production chain. The many challenges animal breeders are facing these days should be addressed in a transparent order. Most consumers might be distant from the  origin  of  the  food  products,  yet  they  deserve  honest  information  about  the  way  their  food  is produced.

Since 2006, the code has been revised and updated every three years.  However,  Code  EFABAR has been changed quite substantially in this update, version 2017, to address all societal challenges, even if these challenges cannot be met yet. To be accepted as a code of good breeding practise, an overall acceptance and trust from the society is a prerequisite.

Code  EFABAR aims to contribute to increased transparency in the food production chain, building  an understanding  and  a  dialogue that is part of this process. As Ingela Velander from  SEGES Danish  Pig Research  Centre  explains:  “In  the  society  there  is  an  increasing  interest  of  what  we  are  doing  in breeding,  we  want  to  be  very  transparent  and  explain,  the  code  actually  helps  us  to  do  that  very clearly”.  Hans  Stalhammer  from  Viking  Genetics  adds  to  this:  “The  code  is  actually  helpful  for  us when  we  are  communicating  with  our  customers,  to  show  them  that  we  do  have  a  plan  of sustainable  animal  breeding  and  reproduction”.  SEGES  Danish  Pig  Research  Centre  and  Viking Genetics were the first two companies to adopt the Code-EFABAR 2017.

Representatives of SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre and Viking Genetics received the first “Code EFABAR 2017” certificates at the annual general meeting of EFFAB on May 9, 2017.

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