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14 Jul 2020



The AVIS project – “Assessment of Vehicle Inspection Systems” – in Cameroon was initiated within the framework of the collaboration between the GRSF (Global Road Safety Facility) of the World Bank and CITA with a view to upgrading vehicle inspections. The main objective of the project is to identify systems for vehicle inspection and approval, and to propose an improvement strategy to make vehicles safer and travel more efficient.


Cameroon is a Central African country with an area of 475,440 km2 and a population of 25 million (2018). The societal cost of road accidents in Cameroon was USD 8.5 million in 2016. If population growth and the significant rate of increase in the number of registered vehicles are taken into account, this figure is now likely to be much higher. The consequences of road accidents are doubly harmful, both in social and economic terms.


The report shows how in the country there is a lack of a comprehensive technical reference system to ensure vehicle safety and reduce polluting emissions both in terms of vehicle inspections and approvals. Thus, no guarantees can be given for vehicles, neither upon their import nor during their life cycle on public roads. The regulatory, organizational and legal corpus is also very lightweight and cannot guarantee the efficiency, uniformity, equity and transparency of the vehicle inspection system.




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