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Choice for Europe – consumers hungry for facts, not media stunts


06 Oct 2010


Agriculture & Food
Health & Consumers

Brussels 6 October 2010

Contrary to the one-sided messages being produced by anti-GMO campaigners, evidence shows that consumers want more information about GMOs. Recent surveys show that there is little apprehension about GMOs in Europe, where more than 3 out of 4 Europeans surveyed believe that the EU should encourage its farmers to take advantage of the benefits of biotechnology.[*]

EuropaBio believes that Europeans will benefit most from factual information rather than the misinformation and publicity stunts by groups ideologically opposed to this technology and to scientific progress in agriculture.  Choice for Europe ( offers science-based answers about GM crops and food, dispelling the same old tired myths.  Europeans have the right to clear, accurate and scientifically supported information so that they can make up their own minds rather than being dictated to by organisations that claim speak on behalf of all consumers.  Moreover, it is irresponsible to limit farmers’ choices, particularly since GM crops can help address the urgent challenge global food security by producing higher yields on less land.

EuropaBio Director for Agricultural Biotechnology, Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, commented on the petition:

“Official surveys that ask serious questions of European citizens and take a statistically relevant assessment demonstrate that there is not widespread concern about GMOs.  This petition has been orchestrated by vehemently anti-GMO groups, and EuropaBio does not feel that this accurately reflects Europeans’ thoughts on the subject.  It is widely known that the online petition counter had to be re-set by the organisers on at least one occasion due to inconsistencies in the sign-up process.”

Nathalie Moll, Secretary General of EuropaBio, concluded:


“There is still a critical lack of factual information and first-hand experience of GM crops reaching Europeans. Whilst elsewhere, year upon year, more and more GM food is grown, in Europe, where the technology was first invented, we remain stranded on the sidelines. Moving forward, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that this information reaches EU citizens.”


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Carel du Marchie Sarvaas

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Communications Officer

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EuropaBio's mission is to promote an innovative and dynamic biotechnology based industry in Europe. EuropaBio, (the European Association for Bioindustries), has 66 corporate and 7 associate members operating worldwide, 4 Bioregions and 22 national biotechnology associations representing some 1800 small and medium sized enterprises.

[*]Special Eurobarometer 336 (2010) Europeans, Agriculture and the Common Agricultural Policy. (


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