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Changeover: Dr Peter Goetz from BSH Europe takes the lead as the new APPLiA President


04 Jul 2018


Innovation & Enterprise
Dr Peter Goetz, the Executive Vice President of BSH Europe, has been officially appointed to be the new president of APPLiA, the association representing the home appliance manufacturers in Europe.
To ensure a smooth transition, APPLiA General Assembly also supported the candidature of the President’s predecessor, Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Miele’s coproprietor, as Vice President. In the last four years, Zinkann has been the leader driving the Association towards its full brand transformation and modernisation.
“APPLiA should define itself as a think tank of a highly innovative industry and moreover as an active creator of political considerations and I take this new challenge personally”, said in his opening speech Goetz. “Our industry can and will position itself well as the driver of future-oriented, consumer-focused development organisation as it has been planned in the “Home Appliance 2025” vision”, the new President further added.
Goetz underlined the sector’s need of a supporting legislative framework that could unleash the innovative capacity of the industry and highlighted that policy makers’ and manufacturers’ goal should be to ensure that “revolutionary digitalisation is not being linked only to Silicon Valley, but also to Europe”.
“It goes without saying that the past four years have been challenging and dynamic, but they have also been full of joint efforts, strategic decisions, fruitful discussions and what’s most - inspiration”, highlighted APPLiA’s Vice President, Reinhard Zinkann. “Peter Goetz is someone who will take the leadership of APPLiA dearly and will invest his knowledge and energy into it”, he said.
APPLiA invites Europe’s policy makers and all key players linked to the home appliance sector to continue the successful collaborative dialogue on key topics such as, the energy label, ecodesign, Circular Society, smart technology, innovation, standardisation, trade and a lot more.
“I am very optimistic for our future work with Dr Peter Goetz and I believe that he will focus on representing our forward-looking industry at its best. It has been a true pleasure to work with Dr Zinkann who has been very dedicated and has proved that home appliance manufacturers in Europe are able to envision well ahead their long-term goals. I wish both of them best of luck and will fully support them together with my team”, Paolo Falcioni, Director General of APPLiA concluded.
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APPLiA - Home Appliance Europe represents home appliance manufacturers from across Europe. By promoting innovative, sustainable policies and solutions for EU homes, APPLiA has helped build the sector into an economic powerhouse, with an annual turnover of EUR 44 billion, investing over EUR 1.4 billion in R&D activities and creating nearly 1 million jobs.