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Change to Parliament’s rules will strengthen the European Public Prosecutor’s Office


12 Jan 2023


Global Europe

In today’s extraordinary meeting of the constitutional affairs committee, MEPs gave the green light to amend the European Parliament’s rules of procedure as part of an update that will strengthen justice and the fight against corruption in the European Parliament.

When investigating individuals protected by immunity, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) has the power to demand lifting immunity. In December 2022, the European Chief Prosecutor requested the lifting of immunity for two MEPs (Eva Kailli and Maria Spyraki) on the grounds of suspected fraud to the EU budget related to parliamentary allowances.

Once approved by the plenary as a whole next week, the rules of procedure will include a procedure fully aligned with the responsibilities of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office that has been operational since June 2021.

Gaby Bischoff, S&D Vice-President and rapporteur for the constitutional affairs committee, said:

“In the short time that the European Public Prosecutor’s Office has been operational, it has unearthed billions of euros worth of possible damages in its investigations, proving itself to be an essential player in the fight against the corruption of EU funds.

“Today’s proposed changes to the European Parliament’s rules of the procedure will allow the European Chief Prosecutor to continue with its essential work in investigating fraud and protecting EU taxpayers’ money.

“Next week, we expect to see the whole House united in supporting these amendments to our internal rules in a bid to strengthen justice in the EU.”