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CETA will be provisionally applied tomorrow


20 Sep 2017


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A flagship agreement which is expected to increase trade between the EU and Canada by €26 billion per year finally comes into effect tomorrow.

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) took seven years to negotiate and was championed by ECR MEPs during its passage through the European Parliament.

ECR International Trade Deputy co-ordinator David Campbell-Bannerman MEP worked on the agreement in Parliament as a shadow rapporteur. He said: " CETA removes approximately 99 per cent of tariffs on trade between the EU and Canada and tomorrow our producers, businesses and consumers will finally begin to enjoy the benefits.

"The majority of customs duties will disappear from foodstuffs, including processed foods, and drinks. At the same time, CETA protects sensitive European agricultural sectors by introducing quotas on products such as beef and pork."

ECR Co-ordinator Emma McClarkin MEP said: "To stimulate economic growth and jobs Europe must embrace free trade. CETA will be a success story and I am confident it is going to set the standard for future trade deals."

The agreement was almost derailed earlier this year when the Walloon regional parliament in Belgium refused to approve it. Consequently certain elements, such as investment protection, will not be applied until ratified by all national and regional parliaments.

Last week European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced in his State of the Union speech that future trade deals would be structured in such a way as to only require ratification by MEPs.

Ms McClarkin added:  "Canada is a country with which we share values and principles so it should have been simple to agree this deal. I am pleased President Juncker has listened to the ECR’s call to learn lessons from CETA and avoid any embarrassing repeat."


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