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CEEP welcomes Single Market Act with reservations on service concessions


28 Oct 2010


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Health & Consumers

Brussels, 27 October 2010

CEEP welcomes the Single Market Act aimed at revamping this key project of the EU. Ralf Resch, General Secretary of CEEP said, “It is good that now a rebalancing can take place. People were tired of the Single Market because they felt the prevailing of economic considerations over the social dimension of the EU as a threat. This threatened the Single Market itself”. Resch continued: “It is certainly a good start to first identify the disease before prescribing the medicine”.

If it comes to the announced communication on Services of General Interest (proposition 25), CEEP looks forward to the close cooperation with the Commission services in both its capacities as a social partner and representative of public services in the EU.

However, CEEP remains reserved about the legal initiative on service concessions (proposition 18). CEEP is deeply skeptical about the added value such an initiative might bring, without hindering the flexibility which concession arrangements need. Ralf Resch wonders: “How can the Commission anticipate the result of its own Impact Assessment which yet has to be finalised in the beginning of next year. Is this the idea of a ‘better regulation’ at the EU level?”.

For further information, please contact:
Ulrike NEUHAUSER, Acting Director of CEEP - tel. +32 (0) 2 219 27 98