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CEEP makes the case of public employers’ in front of EMPL Committee of the European Parliament


28 Jan 2010


Social Europe & Jobs

Ralf Resch, General Secretary of CEEP, today addressed the EP Employment and Social Affairs Committee, chaired by Pervenche Berès. During the debate on the Social Partners’ reactions to the EU 2020 consultation paper, Mr Resch stated that “CEEP counts on the European Parliament to play a proactive role in making the European Commission follow the right path”. At the time being indeed, the role of Public Services in the EU is totally missing from the consultation document. “Public services are amongst the biggest sectors, both in terms of economic significance and employment, and function as economic and social stabilizers all over the crisis. In particular, public employers’ are the engine for future employment growth and social inclusion: this should be fully acknowledged by the EU 2020 strategy”.

Ralf Resch then raised the attention of the MEPs to two essential issues for CEEP: Working Time Directive and Social Services of General Interest. “When it comes to the working time directive”, said Ralf Resch “CEEP will continue its fight to achieve good functioning of high quality public services which are under threat since the SIMAP and Jaeger rulings, according to which on‐call time should be regarded as working time. We are looking forward to a new consultation of the Social Partners and are ready to take up the responsibility to find a negotiated solution, either directly at the cross‐sectoral level or through support of our sectoral members particularly suffering from the current situation”. Concerning Social Services of General Interest, Mr Resch stated that “CEEP will follow closely the De Rossa report in order to ensure that any initiative touching this delicate field is based on empirical evidence and on the real needs of the providers of and employers in social services”.

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