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CEEP‐CSR Label: Serving sustainability in Europe


27 Apr 2010


Sustainable Dev.
Social Europe & Jobs

At the closing conference of the EU co‐funded Discerno project on Corporate Social
Responsibility yesterday evening, Ralf Resch, General Secretary of CEEP, highlighted the
importance of Corporate Social Responsibility to rebuild trust in our economy, "Public
Service providers have a key role to play in this matter as they provide services that are used
daily by millions of citizens and enterprises throughout Europe
". He further stated, "Their
action are therefore of utmost importance if we wish to reach ambitious environmental and
social objectives in the European Union

Against this background, CEEP published a booklet on "Best CSR Practices in Public Services".
This conference was also a ceremony to award the well‐known CEEP‐CSR Label to
enterprises that successfully implemented Corporate Social Responsibility in their daily
management. 16 enterprises were awarded following a careful evaluation process.

Ralf Resch thanked the European Commission for having supported the capacity building of
CSR in Public services till now and announced the political will of CEEP to make the CEEP‐CSR
Label grow further. If and how to do this will be announced at the XVIIIth CEEP congress on
the 31 May – 1 June in Madrid.

For more information on the CEEP‐CSR Label, please visit:

For further information, please contact:

Valeria RONZITTI, Director of CEEP ‐

tel. +32 (0) 2 219 27 98


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