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The Case of Eva Michalakova – An Absurd Norwegian Decision


07 Jul 2016


Justice & Home Affairs

If the state takes away your children do not complain - a short summary of the twenty-nine-page decision of the Norwegian court in the case of Eva Michalakova’s children.  It is an utter impertinence to complain about the Barnevernet publicly.

If you read carefully the decision of the Norwegian court you do not know what to think about it. If anyone expected the court to decide on the basis of some evidence, he was very wrong. All the court needs are the statements of the foster families and the Barnevernet saying that children are ok in their foster families and that they are simply not going back.

Despite the fact that the decision might seem ridiculous, it is not a bit funny at all. And Norway is asking for the follow-up shame in the case of taking away of children who should have never been taken away from their family at all.

Seven sad lessons we can learn from the case of Eva Michalakova:

Lesson one: If the child gets used to his foster family, do not want him back.

Lesson two: If you want your child back from his foster family, you upset the foster family and then they upset children. It is all your fault and the court will take away your parental rights.

Lesson three: The Norwegian court says: Rule one: The Barnevernet is always right. Rule two: Even if the Barnevernet is not right, the rule one applies.

Lesson four: Healthy mother must lose her rights because unlike ill father she complaints to media.

Lesson five: The grand-father who did not do anything to anybody cannot see the children, because the biological grand-father is not a member of the foster family.

Lesson six: If the foster parents say that the children do not want to see their mother, it is an absolute true and it is not necessary to inspect it any further.       

Lesson seven: Do not look for any logic in the decisions of the Norwegian committees or courts, there is simply not any.