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13 Jul 2021



TVVL is pleased to announce that Carrier Airconditioning will support the 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress CLIMA 2022 as main sponsor. By signing up as main sponsor Carrier takes the lead in showing how we can move towards digitized, healthy, circular, and energy efficient HVAC.

The CLIMA World Congress takes place every three years and is organised by one of REHVA’s member associations. In 2022, TVVL will host this prestigious event together with both Delft and Eindhoven Universities of Technology in Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

“As Carrier is a world leader in high-technology heating and air-conditioning solutions, we feel that they are the perfect partner to help us make CLIMA 2022 an unforgettable experience for our visitors. Both TVVL and Carrier have a long history of sharing knowledge and driving innovation to improve sustainability in the built environment,” says John Lens, Managing Director TVVL.

Didier Genois, Vice President & General Manager Carrier HVAC Europe: "Our HVAC world is experiencing change and a need for innovation more than ever before. Between now and 2030, we need answers in areas such as energy efficiency, circularity, digitization and health & comfort. Carrier has been leading the HVAC industry with innovative ideas for over 100 years, pursuing excellence in solutions that matter for people and planet. Let’s share our knowledge together at the REHVA World Congress CLIMA and provide answers crucial to our business.”

About CLIMA 2022 - an exciting mixture of events

CLIMA 2022 is set to provide an exciting mixture of events. Scientific, technical and interactive sessions, keynote speakers, student activities, technical tours, and CLIMA workshops are all part of the programme. What these events all have in common is their ‘EYE ON 2030’. How will the five themes - Energy, Circularity, Digitization, Health & Comfort and Learning & Education - evolve the world of HVAC from now till 2030? Which insights will we have with regards to the themes? And how do these themes relate to each other? Will they reinforce or delay each other? And how does the impact of climate installations relate to the building process and other influences? With these questions in mind, CLIMA 2022 will have its EYE ON 2030.

CLIMA 2022 will take place in a hybrid form of both online and offline events, ensuring an innovative experience for all visitors, submitters, exhibitors, and sponsors. This once-in-a-lifetime event is not to be missed; be sure to take part and share your knowledge by submitting your abstract or just by attending CLIMA 2022 in Rotterdam.

Please visit the official CLIMA 2022 and REHVA websites or contact for more information.