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Call for tenders: Complete renewal of website and content management system


21 May 2012


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Caritas Europa is planning a complete renewal of its current website and content management system (CMS) to fit the new structures within which the network is currently working and to maximise its communication capacity with member organisations and stakeholders.

To do so, the Caritas Europa secretariat expects this website to be running on a state of the art CMS that will allow maximal time-saving and work efficiency to the Communication Unit.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission through the PROGRESS programme.

About Caritas Europa

Caritas Europa is a broad European network composed of 49 members in 46 countries. Caritas Europa is also the European Region of Caritas Internationalis, the biggest network of Catholic charities in the world.

Caritas Europa is fundamentally devoted to reducing poverty and social exclusion, and to helping those in need of humanitarian assistance around the world. Caritas Europa works in the spirit of the Catholic Church’s Social Teaching. To achieve its goals, Caritas Europa needs to be in constant communication with its members, allies and advocacy targets, as well as with the broad public.

For more information about Caritas Europa:

Our expectations:

This new website will allow visitors to easily:

- Understand the identity, vision and mission of Caritas Europa

- Learn about the work of the Secretariat and the Caritas Europa network, including:

o Advocacy work in the areas of poverty eradication, social inclusion, migration, asylum, trafficking on human beings, development and humanitarian aid.

o Prevention and relief work in the field of humanitarian aid.

o Quick access to the Secretariat’s published materials in the form of position papers, reports, articles, publications, etc.

- Learn about our member organisations and their work

- Find help from our member organisations. Have quick access to contact information to national caritas organisations for people in distress.

- Donate

- Identify the main “hot topics” the network is currently working on.

- Find who to contact in the Secretariat and network

- Keep track on the network’s main upcoming activities

- News

- Share Caritas Europa’s website content with friends in social networks

- Subscribe to newsletter

- Join us on social networks

- Facilitate members’ access to our extranet

To achieve the above listed points, the Caritas Europa secretariat expects the website to be based on a very solid and efficient search engine.

Apart from the institutional information, the website will also be at the core of all online communications of the Secretariat, gathering a series of audiovisual- and text-based content in the form of videos, articles, publications and live updates from social networks.

Expectation from back-end point of view

For the team that will be working with the website, the following points will be of utter importance:

- To have access to ALL parts of the website

- To automatically link previous materials to updates and new related information.

- To easily include/insert social network plug-ins

o Caritas Europa is currently present on:

 Facebook

 Twitter

 Wikipedia

 YouTube

 FlickR

o Caritas Europa is planning to expand its presence to

 LinkedIn

 Google+

 DailyMotion

- To efficiently create and manage newsletters

- To connect all links to proper analytics

- To create templates

- To create forms

- To create interactivity with readers via

o Comments

o Polls

o Quizzes

o …

- To create special sections/mini-sites, such as blogs, thematic pages (conferences, fora, summer university, etc), “live blogging” from specific events, campaigns…

- Dynamic page URL

- Intelligent compression and resizing of pictures

- Update of the mobile website


In order to make the website available to everyone, Caritas Europa wants it to be:

- Adapted for the specific needs of visually impaired web-users.

- Including a translation tool (i.e. Google translation) that will allow for users to translate the content into their national language.

- To ensure a maximal exposure and accessibility the website will also have a mobile-friendly version for those accessing it from pads and smartphones.

Caritas Europa expects the winner of the call for tenders to:

- Accompany the Caritas Europa secretariat in the brainstorming process of designing all the sections on the website based on analysis of current analytics and identified needs.

- Create a testing area where to test the website until completion of the project

- Ensure proper transfer of material existing in the current website to the new platform

- Deliver the final product preferably by December 2012

The submitted proposal should include:

- A description of the project

o Back-end (CMS) – including links to test it or references to contact

o Front-end (website) – including links to relevant references using similar solutions

o Comprehensive time frame for the whole project

- A detailed budget


Send your proposal to

Dead-line to submit proposal: 15 June 2012

For any further information, please contact

Alain Rodriguez +32 (0)2 235 26 54


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