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British citizens to plant fresh roots for the future in Europe’s capital

At 13:00 this Thursday 30 January, Pro Europa, the Brussels hub for UK grassroots networks campaigning for close ties between the United Kingdom and the European Union, will mark the UK’s departure from the EU with a ceremony outside the European Parliament in Brussels.
Pro Europa will present a young British oak tree in Place du Luxembourg as a symbol of the UK’s enduring bonds with its EU partners.
The event will feature music, including bagpipes, brought together by Oliver Gray, and interventions from:
  • Sir Graham Watson (former leader of a major political group in the European Parliament, ALDE, currently Renew Europe).
  • Representatives from British citizen groups
  • Terry Reintke, MEP (Initiator of the UK-EU friendship group)
Sharon Leclercq-Spooner, Chair of Pro Europa, said: “We want to thank our European friends and recognise the mutual contributions and benefits of EU membership. The majority of UK citizens did not vote for this government and do not support Brexit. We share European values and objectives. The pro-European grassroots movement in the UK is now the largest in Europe and intends to endure and grow like this oak tree brought over specially from the UK.”
Tom Massie, Pro Europa member, who brought over the tree, said: "Thank you to those at all levels in the UK and the EU who have worked together for a half-century shaping common food, safety, health and other standards for goods and services in Europe and for pushing the development of the poorest regions all over the continent, not least in the UK itself.”
Nick Crosby, Pro Europa campaign director concluded: “The grievances and aspirations behind the 2016 Brexit vote cannot be resolved by isolation. Our European friends, neighbours and allies share our hopes for the future: to live in free, just, open societies. We are on the same side; we have a common destiny. Pro Europa will continue to advocate this in both the UK and the EU.”
Join us to celebrate hope for the future, growing from roots of resilience, strength and shared values!
Notes for editors:
Pro Europa, a network of voluntary supporters, is passionately in favour of Britain’s membership of the EU. We come from all the main political parties and none. Mainly but not only British, we work for business, Government, charities, NGOs and the EU institutions. We are convinced that the benefits of EU membership far outweigh any disadvantages. We believe that both the UK and the EU need to evolve, the better to serve and connect with citizens.
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