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Biosimilar Medicines: essential for sustainable access to medicines

London, 26 April 2018

  • At the Medicines for Europe Biosimilar Conference, NHS England presented the huge impact of biosimilar medicines on access to medicines and to sustainable healthcare delivery.
  • Across Europe, national health systems are increasingly integrating biosimilar medicines as a tool to boost access and to increase efficiency of healthcare delivery.

A diverse range of stakeholders - including medical societies and regulators - across Europe have adopted clear guidance in support of biosimilar medicines use in oncology and auto-immune disorders to ensure access and sustainability.

Opening the 16th Biosimilar Medicines Conference, Keith Ridge, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer of NHS England illustrated how 3 biosimilar medicines (Infliximab, Etanercept and Rituximab) have increased access to treatment for patients while lowering overall cost of treatment in important therapy areas.

Carol Lynch, President Sandoz US, Head of North America and Chair of the Biosimilar Medicines Group at Medicines for Europe, commented: “With 12 years of positive experience and a wealth of confirmatory data on biosimilar use, we are now focused on sharing best practice to increase access to biosimilar medicines. Germany and the UK have been pioneers in launching biosimilar medicines projects and their healthcare systems and their patient community have seen the benefits of increased access and sustainability. We need to build on this to expand the biosimilar opportunity globally.”   

Biosimilar medicines are an essential part of healthcare provision in Europe today. Europe will continue to play a leading role in shaping a sustainable regulatory framework regionally and globally to promote greater access to essential therapies for auto-immune diseases and cancer. The Biosimilar Medicines Group has pioneered this development and supports greater global cooperation for future development.

About the Biosimilar Medicines Group

The Biosimilar Medicines Group is a sector group of Medicines for Europe and represents the leading companies developing, manufacturing and marketing biosimilar medicines across Europe. Our members bring competition to the biologic medicines market, thereby increasing access to highly innovative medical treatments to patients in Europe and around the world, and supporting the sustainability of the European healthcare systems.


About Medicines for Europe

Medicines for Europe represents the generic, biosimilar and value added medicines industries across Europe. Its vision is to provide sustainable access to high quality medicines, based on 5 important pillars: patients, quality, value, sustainability and partnership.  Its members employ 160,000 people at over 350 manufacturing and R&D sites in Europe, and invest up to 17% of their turnover in medical innovation. Medicines for Europe member companies across Europe are both increasing access to medicines and driving improved health outcomes. They play a key role in creating sustainable European healthcare systems by continuing to provide high quality, effective generic medicines, whilst also innovating to create new biosimilar medicines and bringing to market value added medicines, which deliver better health outcomes, greater efficiency and/or improved safety in the hospital setting for patients. For more information please follow us at and on Twitter @medicinesforEU.

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