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The Beyond 2015 Framework must include Poverty, Food Security and Participation


08 Feb 2013


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The EU Development Ministers must champion poverty eradication, food security and participation as core elements of the post MDG Development framework.



Ahead of next week’s Informal meeting of EU Development Ministers on the post 2015 framework (11-12 February), Caritas Europa urges European Development and Foreign Affairs Ministers to work together and ensure that the EU presents an ambitious and united proposal for the way forward after the Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015, and reminds them that across Europe, Caritas organisations are in favor of a courageous post 2015 development framework that primarily benefits the poorest  and most vulnerable people.

“The post-2015 framework should secure the highest level of political action and accountability that fosters real progress in the fight to eradicate extreme poverty. The European Union has an important historical responsibility and is known as the biggest donor in many regions. The coming months, and more importantly the informal Development Ministers meeting in Dublin, will be crucial in shaping EU’s position and solidarity towards the poorest from 2015 onwards,” says Peter Verhaeghe, Caritas Europa Head of the Advocacy and Policy Unit.


Caritas Europa highlights 3 top features that must be included in the future Development Agenda, namely Poverty, Food Security and Participation.


“Based on these 3 pillars, a global framework must incorporate globally defined and agreed goals that will reflect the global challenges the world is facing today. It must put the well-being and the integral development of people at the centre rather than the well-being of economies. This should include the participation of citizens as measure of success,” says Isabel Fernández Sarabia, Advocacy and Policy Officer on Development and Humanitarian Aid at Caritas Europa.

Moreover, Caritas Europa stresses too that development needs to start working on a ‘zero goals’-based approach, such as Mr. Ban Ki-moon’s “Zero Hunger Challenge”.





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