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Best Brand Nudge initiatives revealed for 2019 – AIM Brands Nudging for Good Awards


05 Dec 2019


Health & Consumers
Sustainable Dev.
On 17 October 2019, AIM, the European Brands Association, organised its Brands Nudging for Good Awards in the Concert Noble in Brussels. In the presence of representatives from the European institutions, the branded goods industry, NGOs and academia the three best brand Nudging for Good initiatives for 2019 were awarded. The winning projects from Procter & Gamble, Nestlé and Essity were selected from 10 finalist cases by an expert Jury which was chaired by Harvard Professor and co-creator of the Nudge concept Cass Sunstein and comprised of representatives from academia, NGOs, international and consumer organisations.
AIM’s Nudging for Good initiative shows how brands can be catalysts for positive change, with smart creativity leading to innovative solutions,” explains Michelle Gibbons, AIM Director General. “Brands are in a unique position to be actors of change in society thanks to their insights on consumer behaviour due to their daily relationship with consumers in the home, in shops, on the go, through digital channels and elsewhere. So how can brands leverage this role to inspire people to adopt more responsible and sustainable behaviours, whilst of course ensuring liberty of choice? This is where the Nudging for Good concept plays a role. AIM members apply this expertise towards shared policy goals on sustainability, health & well-being and social responsibility. The AIM Nudging for Good Awards 2019 celebrate the talent across our membership who aspire to play their part in helping people make mindful, responsible and sustainable choices.”
Two completely different but equally strong Nudge initiatives were rewarded with the Diamond Award for the best brand Nudge cases in 2019. A third finalist caught the Jury’s attention and imagination in a campaign that held many Nudge elements and therefore was rewarded with the Coup de Coeur Award.
Environmental Sustainability
Procter & Gamble received a Diamond Award for its Pampers Recycling Initiative to help parents ensure a more sustainable approach to managing diaper waste through recycling. The Jury was impressed by the different Nudges implemented within the initiative, including smart use of digital, to engage parents and make it easy for them to change their diaper disposal habits by providing access to recycling collection facilities and rewarding behaviour. Furthermore, P&G is addressing a major environmental challenge: diaper disposal, collection and recycling. Diapers currently represent up to 10% of the residual, non recycled waste. The Jury also commended P&G for a disposal system open to all brands, not just Pampers.
Health & Well-being
The second Nudge initiative which received a Diamond Award went to Nestlé Spain for its NUTRIPLATO project to help children lead healthier lives through promoting the adoption of a Mediterranean diet. The Jury was impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of Nestlé’s approach, which is based on a well-proven concept: the healthy eating plate of Harvard school, providing guidance to increase the ratio of vegetable, fish and nut consumption in a simple and playful format which makes it easy to follow, but which leaves the choice to act otherwise – the Nutriplato plate. They also welcomed the fact that this simple device is embedded in an overall method with a guidebook and recipes, endorsement from and interventions by local health professionals and an online platform to enhance effectiveness. The Jury furthermore commended the initiative because the plate is not specifically linked to any Nestlé brand or product, but a generic approach which can be used by the wider food industry.
Social Responsibility
The Jury’s Coup de Coeur went to Essity for its Zewa initiative “Hygiene has no Gender” which aims to spark a societal discussion and reflection on gender stereotypes for hygiene and cleaning chores, as well as behaviour change. The Jury was impressed by Essity’s courageous stance on challenging societal norms and stereotypes in Hungary, and sees a huge potential for this Coup de Coeur winner and wants to encourage the brand to continue driving this topic forward.
To inspire brands, promote the Nudging for Good concept and showcase great Nudge initiatives, AIM, the European Brands Association, organises the Brands Nudging for Good Awards every 2 years.
After its first Awards edition in 2017, AIM started the contest for the 2019 Awards already in November 2018; it was open to all its member companies and associations. Participants submitted an active or recent Nudging for Good initiative, which was validated in terms of behavioural impact and addressed one of the three categories Health & Well-being, Environmental Sustainability or Social Responsibility. From all of these submissions, BVA – AIM’s specialised partner agency on Nudge and behavioural insights – selected the 10 most inspiring finalist cases. In September, these 10 finalists had the opportunity to present their Nudge cases to the Awards expert Jury who then chose its three favourite initiatives.
For more information or questions, please contact Eva Schneider, AIM's Sustainability & Communications Manager, via
About Brands Nudging for Good
Nudge comes from the academic world of behavioural science and looks at influencing people’s behaviour positively and without constraints, based on Behavioural Insights. As coined by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein in 2008, Nudging is becoming a key tool for policy-makers, but has also gained increased support among the branded goods industry.
From a brand perspective, Nudging is a way for a brand, on the basis of consumer insights, to make it easy and desirable for people to change behaviour or habit and adopt a healthier and more sustainable one.

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