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15 Feb 2024



Brussels, 15 February, 2024 

Europe aspires to become a global leader in battery innovation. To this end, BATT4EU has published a new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) recommending the battery research and  innovation priorities for which public funding should be allocated in the most effective and efficient way. The publication will be officially presented during a webinar on 20 March 2024. 

The global demand for batteries has increased significantly in recent years, due to the rapid adoption  of electric vehicles, renewable energy storage systems, and portable electronics. Given the expected  growth in demand, and the associated business opportunities, global competition in the battery space  is surging worldwide with China dominating. Europe wants to compete with current manufacturing  bases and increase its share of production to 25% within this decade.  

To ensure that Europe develops fast and well its own competitive battery value chain able to meet the  growing demand for more sustainable batteries, funding of innovation efforts by public authorities is  of vital importance for the sector to reduce technology risks. Envisaged under the BATT4EU Partnership, the current funding under Horizon Europe Programme for battery research and  innovation should reach up to €925 million. At the same time, estimates suggest the European battery  market could be worth €250 billion a year as of 2025. Seen the potential of this technology, it is  essential that limited available financial resources are allocated in the best way. 

To avoid gaps in funding and duplication of efforts, the BATT4EU Partnership has developed a new  Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). The publication is the result of a strategic alignment  between all the battery stakeholders in Europe, organised in working groups gathered under the  Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA), the private side of the BATT4EU partnership.  

This Agenda aims to inform the development of the future Horizon Europe work programmes and  other (public and private) fundings in the coming years. 

“We are very proud to release today our new SRIA which is the result of a strong alignment between  BEPA, Batteries Europe and Battery 2030+. The SRIA will serve as a reference to highlight key  technological challenges, promote research and innovation, and guide funding priorities across  Europe, for the benefit of competitiveness across the European battery value chain.” Fabrice Stassin,  BEPA Secretary General 

In conclusion, as Europe aims to establish itself as a global leader in battery research and innovation,  the SRIA will serve as a reference to promote competitiveness and innovation in the sector maximising  the impact of investments to help put Europe at the forefront of research and innovation. 

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