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ASMAP President appointed Chairman of Russian Parliament’s Transport Committee


03 Jan 2012



The Russian Duma has appointed the President of ASMAP, Mr Evgeniy Sergeevitch Moskvichev, as Chairman of the Transport Committee, recognising the importance of road transport in driving progress, prosperity and ultimately peace.

Moscow - The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is proud to announce that Mr Evgeniy Sergeevitch Moskvichev, President of the IRU’s Russian Member, the Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP), has been appointed by the Duma to the important function of Chairman of the Russian Parliament’s Transport Committee on 21 December.  Mr Moskvichev was elected to the State Duma on 4 December 2011 and will continue in his function as President of ASMAP.

This appointment clearly reflects the Russian legislature’s recognition of the vital and strategic role which road transport plays in Russia’s economic strategy to develop its small and medium size companies. Indeed, road transport is the only mode able to interconnect every business to every major world market, thanks to its unique, high quality, door-to-door services, allowing Russian SMEs, and hence employment, to develop.

Russia, like other BRIC countries, is investing in its economic future with a full appreciation that road transport is a key driver of progress, prosperity and ultimately peace.  The role of road transport in Russia will now be further accentuated with the Russian Federation’s admission to the World Trade Organization last week.

The appointment of Mr Moskvichev at this historic juncture in the midst of Russia’s concerted efforts to promote and facilitate its trade and tourism, and therefore road transport, through the WTO, underscores the political importance Russia’s decision makers attach to the road transport industry’s pivotal role in driving economic development.

The IRU salutes this perfect demonstration of public-private partnership and the Russian Duma’s vision of appointing Mr Moskvichev, a leader in the international road transport industry who can help the government implement the right policy decisions to effectively promote and facilitate international road transport to expedite economic recovery and ensure a sound economy and employment for Russian citizens.

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