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Anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminium finally kick in after European Commission lifts its duties suspension


08 Jul 2022


Trade & Society

Brussels, 8 July 2022 – Today, the European Commission announced it will not prolong the 9-month suspension of definitive anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminium flat-rolled products. European Aluminium, the industry association representing the aluminium value chain in Europe, welcomes the long-overdue step and calls for Europe’s push towards strategic autonomy in aluminium.

Following last year’s anti-dumping investigation conducted by the European Commission, the duties on Chinese aluminium flat-rolled products are set at 14% to 25% to raise the dumped prices to market conformity and will apply as of 12 July 2022.

We are relieved that our producers finally are protected against the unfair competition from dumped Chinese flat- rolled products. We welcome exporters as long as they play fair. But Chinese exporters refuse to adhere to global trade rules and have been dumping high-carbon and underpriced goods on our market for years, with devastating economic consequences for European aluminium producers and even worse consequences for the fight against global climate change,” 1 comments Paul Voss, Director General of European Aluminium.


China’s excessive state subsidies2 have played a major role in building China’s aluminium industry, which holds a 60% global market share. They continue to facilitate Chinese expansions despite global energy and supply challenges.3


European Aluminium calls on policy makers to boost Europe’s defence against unfair trade and implement a robust industrial strategy that prioritises value chains based on their contribution to the European Green Deal.


If the recent crises have taught us anything, it’s that Europe must limit its reliance on imports from non-market economies and strengthen its strategic autonomy in the raw materials sector. This is especially important for aluminium because it’s a key component in virtually all clean energy technologies that are needed to accelerate the green transition and end Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels,” concludes Voss.

1 The carbon intensity of the primary aluminium production in Europe (EU, EFTA, UK) is approximately 6.8kg of CO2 per kg of aluminium produced compared to a global average of 16.1kg of CO2 and a Chinese average of 20kg of CO2.

2 A 2021 OECD report examining state subsidies found that Chinese companies received state support ranging from 4% to 7% of annual revenues compared to similar support representing 0.2% of annual revenues of non-Chinese companies.

3 Reuters: China’s aluminium output rises to record high despite power curbs

About European Aluminium:

European Aluminium, founded in 1981 and based in Brussels, is the voice of the aluminium value chain in Europe. We actively engage with decision makers and the wider stakeholder community to promote aluminium’s strategic role, secure growth, and stress our metal's contribution to meeting Europe’s sustainability challenges. We do this through environmental and technical expertise, economic and statistical analysis, scientific research, sharing of best practices, and public affairs and communication activities. Our 100+ members include alumina refiners and primary aluminium producers; downstream manufacturers of extruded, rolled and cast aluminium; aluminium recyclers and national aluminium associations, representing together more than 600 plants and 1 million (direct and indirect) jobs in 30 European countries. Aluminium products are used in a wide range of markets, including mobility, aerospace, transport, clean-tech, building and construction as well as packaging and consumer goods. For further information, please contact:, +32 2 775 63 63