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Amfori Supports People, Planet and Prosperity amid Protectionist Threats


31 Jul 2019


Trade & Society
Brussels, 31 July 2019 - amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, launches its first digital annual report (2018-2019). Focussing on the theme “Supporting People, Planet and Prosperity” the publication showcases the organisations’ pioneering programmes and initiatives that are building a better world of open and sustainable trade, for all citizens and their environment. Support for amfori has continued to grow, with 205 new members joining the association in the past 12 months. Together, we are 2,414 members from all over the world, sending the inspiring message that Trade with Purpose continues to gain traction.
While anti-trade policy continues to reign strong over major world economies, amfori is proud to have attracted significant growth in membership and geographical outreach: the association now boasts a membership consisting of more than 2,400 retailers, importers, brands and associations across 44 countries on four continents, representing a combined turnover of €1.5 trillion. amfori’s top growth countries were Australia, the USA, UK and Poland, with the notable example of Australia, where membership grew 100%. This shows that companies are taking significant initiative to trading sustainably, regardless of protectionist rhetoric.
Supporting People, Planet & Prosperity” forms part of the 2018-2019 Annual Report, which aims to build amfori as a preeminent global association. The organisation has solidified its position, in Europe and further afield, opening representations in Argentina, Australia, Austria as well as building a regional hub in Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Some of amfori’s key achievements over the past year are detailed below through the report’s themes: 
Supporting People: We are proud to have committed to the UN Declaration on Gender Responsive Standards, as well as fully rolling out our Women Empowerment Programme in India, Bangladesh and China. 
Supporting Planet: amfori has strengthened our Collaboration with ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), as well as advocating for Advocating for Sustainable Chemical, Product and Waste Legislation 
Supporting Prosperity: We are committed to ensuring that trade delivers benefits for all. This includes our advocacy for a sustainable lens on Free Trade Agreements, such as the Vietnam – EU Trade Agreement. We have also taken a position against a hard Brexit, which would significantly damage our member’s business.
To access the full amfori annual report, click here. 
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About amfori
amfori is the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. We empower 2,400 companies to operate as successful, sustainable businesses by helping them monitor and improve the social and environmental performance of their supply chain. We also engage locally and globally to promote a policy environment that enables them to operate efficiently and responsibly.



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