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Aluminium industry delivers on sustainability


01 Apr 2011


Sustainable Dev.

European Parliament, Brussels, 16 March 2011 – The European Aluminium Association (EAA) presented today its 2010 Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI) report during a high-profile workshop hosted by the MEP Martin Callanan at the European Parliament. The report demonstrates that the aluminium’s contribution to sustainability is significant, although according to EAA many political challenges must be addressed to support the industry’s efforts.

“This report is the result a voluntary effort of the European aluminium industry, undertaken in the spirit of transparency and involving several stakeholders,” said Patrick de Schrynmakers, EAA’s Secretary General. “With this comprehensive benchmarking system, the European aluminium industry is able to assess its performance and prepare the way forward. Our industry has a good case to make in terms of sustainable development, and we have the tool to support that claim.”
During the launch MEP Callanan said: “I strongly encourage sustainability reporting and the aluminium industry has much to offer when it comes to sustainability, making a key contribution towards achieving the EU’s 20/20/20 objectives. I call upon them to continue their efforts towards the environment and quality jobs in Europe”.

The 2010 report presents data from small and medium-sized businesses as well as large integrated companies, directly employing some 255 thousand people. For the first time, it includes indicators on the production phase but also qualitative and quantitative indicators covering the main applications of aluminium: automotive, transport, building and packaging.

The industry achieved significant improvements by drastically reducing the direct CO2 emissions of production processes (around 50% since 1997) and natural resource use, by fostering workers safety and training, increasing recycling rates and more.
“The aluminium industry has gained in sustainability through innovation and investment” concluded EAA’s chairman, “to maintain this trend we need to stay competitive and therefore we urge the EU to define ambitious industrial policies to preserve the competitiveness of the industry.”

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