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ALDE to emerge as the kingmaker of the new EP majority


05 Jun 2009


EU Priorities 2020

Speaking ahead of the first official European election results expected on Sunday evening, ALDE Leader Graham Watson predicted a strong showing for Liberals and Democrats across Europe:

"It will be a good night for us as I hope to see our share of the House grow. Although the Parliament will shrink in size, so in absolute numbers Groups will be smaller, our relative strength will be greater" said Graham Watson.

"The exit polls in the Netherlands already indicate the common trends which we expect to see across the continent. The European election results will herald a stronger Liberal and Democrat centre, a setback for the Socialists and a gain for extremist parties.

"I expect Liberals and Democrats to do particularly well in Germany, France, Italy and the UK. I predict no less than 85 MEPs at Parliament's centre which will make ALDE the kingmaker of any new majority".


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