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ALDE calls for end to procrastination on Lisbon Treaty


07 May 2009


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May 6, 2009, 5:36 pm

ALDE calls for end to procrastination on Lisbon Treaty
The Czech Senate finally ratified the Lisbon Treaty today by the required 3/5ths majority, but it does not appear to have put an end to the filibustering that is causing a major headache for EU lawyers trying to shed light on the transition this autumn to a new European Commission and Parliament.

Graham Watson, ALDE group leader commented:

"This vote ushers in a second Prague Spring. Vaclav Klaus should now sign the text in blood - and before the June EU summit. What we need now is clarity, not more confusion."

Andrew Duff, ALDE spokesperson on institutional affairs added:

"At last the Czech Senate has done what every other chamber of every other national parliament in the European Union has done: ratify the Treaty of Lisbon.

"This is great news for those who want to build a strong, democratic, united Europe. The Czech Senators have been right not to listen to the siren call of reactionary nationalism. Instead, the Czech Republic should now be able to take its rightful place in the mainstream of European politics and become a full partner in our common effort to reform the European Union.

"The Czechs have encouraged the progressive forces in Ireland who must now redouble their efforts to secure a positive outcome of the second referendum in October."

"The new attempt by 17 anti-European ODS senators to further frustrate the democratic process by raising yet another complaint in the constitutional court is deplorable. Costly and protracted litigation intended to destroy the Treaty is the last thing Europe needs from Prague at this moment. President Klaus should stop playing games and do his constitutional duty instead."
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