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Alcide De Gasperi, Europe's Founding Father


24 Mar 2011

Joseph Daul MEP, Mario Mauro MEP and Carlo Casini MEP

Inauguration ceremony of the Alcide De Gasperi Room at the European Parliament

"Alcide de Gasperi, a Christian, Democrat and European, is without doubt the most influential and most prestigious personality of the difficult and troubled period that the Italian and European democracy went through after the Second World War. Like Adenauer and Schuman, he was modest and possessed the ability to detach himself from the events of that era which enabled him to have a forward-looking vision. A man of values, a great humanist and a visionary, Italian patriot and citizen of Europe at the same time, Alcide De Gasperi reminds each of us of the reasons for our political commitment", said Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, during the inauguration ceremony of the room 2Q2 of the European Parliament in Brussels, which, from today, will be called the Alcide De Gasperi Room.

Joseph Daul continued: "Today, with the economic crisis and a crisis of values ​​affecting our continent, his heritage teaches us that national integrity and defence of the Community project are not only compatible but inseparable. We, Alcide de Gasperi's heirs, have a heavy responsibility on our shoulders to ensure that Europe does not lose its soul, to ensure that Europe does not lose its main objectives, namely to make our region a place of solidarity and exchange, and share the wealth of households and brotherhood", concluded Joseph Daul.

"Alcide De Gasperi was able to clearly identify the potential of European development, he was deeply convinced that the peoples of Europe share a common heritage of spiritual values, inherited from the same Christian roots, and that these common values ​​should constitute the common basis on which to build a new future for European society. Europe has now more than ever the need to rediscover the message, the example and dedication of Alcide De Gasperi towards a Union that is based precisely on those values ​​that our political family still represents", said Mario Mauro MEP, Head of the Italian Delegation (PDL) of the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

"Alcide De Gasperi's memory must not only be a celebration, but must guide our future action. In Italy, De Gasperi is remembered as the President of the reconstruction. Now, as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, he may be remembered as the President of Italian unification, after the civil war that steeped the country in blood after WWII. We also need new reconstruction and unity in Europe, based on De Gasperi's values​​. We have to rediscover the European soul that is rooted in Christian humanism. The European People's Party has a crucial role to play - the name given to this room is a symbol of this", said Carlo Casini MEP, Head of the Italian Delegation (UDC-SVP) of the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

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