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Airbus-Boeing: CEMA calls for fast settlement to end the dispute


19 Nov 2020


Agriculture & Food

Brussels, 18th November 2020 – CEMA deeply regrets that farmers and Agricultural machinery manufacturers are taken again hostage by authorities in imposing WTO authorized punitive tariffs for a transatlantic dispute over subsidies paid to Airbus and Boeing.

We fully support a robust multilateral dispute settlement system to enforce a level playing field for international trade. But we fail to see how making American customers pay more for European agricultural products or making European farmers pay more for American built agricultural tractors will help in the daily life of citizens on both sides of the Atlantic. 

We therefore deeply regret that the WTO was not capable of synchronizing its respective decisions in the Airbus and Boeing cases.

We once again call on the EU and the US Government to find a fast settlement to finally end the dispute over subsidies for the two aircraft manufacturers and abolish the punitive tariffs in bilateral trade.