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Air Transport: EU and US Air Protocol adopted. Artur Zasada MEP


24 Mar 2011


Global Europe

The mutual opening of the European Union and the United States' air markets will bring economic benefits for the air carriers, as well as guaranteeing all passengers a new quality in transatlantic connections. Today, the European Parliament adopted by a large majority the Report by Artur Zasada MEP. The Report refers to the protocol which amends the Air Transport Agreement between the EU and US. The air traffic markets of both constitute approximately 60% of the world's air traffic.

"The second stage of the Air Transport Agreement between the EU and US is a document of particular importance. I feel this Agreement provides for a much needed streamlining of the security system while, at the same time, the protection of privacy for EU and US travellers", said Artur Zasada after the vote.

During the negotiations between the EU and US, there were questions lingering over the signing of the protocol on numerous occasions. In the end, however, it was adopted. Consequently, it avoids the risk of European passengers and airlines losing the significant gains that have been enjoyed since March 2008, such as strengthened cooperation on environmental matters or enhanced green technologies. For the first time there is a dedicated Article on the social dimension of EU-US aviation relations. This will ensure that airline employees' existing legal rights are preserved. In addition, the Agreement will raise the level of cooperation on security so as to better allocate resources by promoting swift mutual reliance on each other's security measures.

"The process of establishing a transatlantic aviation market has not yet ended. I am planning to closely monitor the Joint Committee's actions. The Committee has been appointed to implement and expand the resolutions of the Agreement. I believe that there should be a permanent observer from the European Parliament in the Joint Committee and I will work diligently to make this happen. If the Committee will not meet these expectations, the Parliament should call on the Commission to start the third stage of negotiations", said Artur Zasada MEP.

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