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AER tribute to Carlo Bernini


12 Jan 2011


Regional Policy

The Assembly of European Regions (AER) pays tribute to Carlo BERNINI who recently died after a long battle with illness.

Carlo Bernini invested himself throughout his life to the cause of defending regionalism, and in the field of transport policy. At a young age, Mr. Bernini began his involvement with Italian local and regional politics: he became President of Treviso (1970-1980) and afterwards President of the Veneto Region (1980-1989).

In 1987, as President of the Veneto Region, Mr. Bernini was elected President of the Assembly of European Regions succeeding Mr. Edgar Faure. Carlo Bernini was one of those most committed to affirming and strengthening the role of regions in Europe.

His energy and enthusiasm opened the AER to the regions of Central and Eastern Europe following the fall of the Berlin wall.

After this painful loss, the Assembly of European Regions offers its deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Bernini.

The course of Carlo Bernini:

- Born in the province of Ferrara; graduate in Economics and Commerce and graduated in law from the Midlands Northwood Institute (Michigan).
- 1970-1980: President of the Province of Treviso
- 1980-1989: President of the Veneto Region
- 1982-1984: President Working Community of the Alps (ARGE ALP)
- 1988-1992: President of the Assembly of European Regions
- 1989-1992: Minister of Transport of the Government of Giulio Andreotti
- 1992 : Retired from political life.

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