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AEGEE-Europe's project Europe on Track wins 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize


13 May 2013


Social Europe & Jobs

Europe on Track, was awarded first prize at the 2013 Charlemagne Youth Prize ceremony on 7 May in Aachen University.

The Europe on Track project aims for a better future for European youth, to find solutions for the pressing issue of the rising rate in youth unemployment, to advocate for a sustainable future and to promote entrepreneurship among young people. Project has been selected as Spanish Contester of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz said: "The Spanish project seeks constructive solutions to current problems - the loss of confidence in the EU and the alarmingly high youth unemployment in many Member States.

Europe on Track connects young people throughout Europe both offline and online, giving them the opportunity to express their views and making an original contribution to European integration, especially to the growth of a feeling among young people that 'we are Europe'."

Europe on Track gives young people a platform to share their ideas and present the faces behind youth policy research and statistical data. In the first, 2012, edition, six ambassadors travelled almost 10,000 km by train in one month, asking more than 400 young people the following questions: Where is Europe heading? How can we sustain our present and preserve our future? What do young people expect from the Europe of tomorrow?

AEGEE-Europe invites everyone to find more about the Europe on track project:

About AEGEE-Europe

AEGEE was born 28 years ago with the vision of creating a unified Europe, based on democracy and respect for human rights, bringing together students with different cultural backgrounds. Today, AEGEE is Europe’s largest interdisciplinary youth organisation: 40 countries, 200 cities, 13 000 friends. This network provides the ideal platform for young volunteers to work together on cross-border activities such as international conferences, seminars, exchanges, training courses and case study trips. In line with the challenges young people are currently facing in Europe, AEGEE’s work for the period of 2011-2014 is focused on three main areas: Youth Participation, Bridging Europe and Inclusion of Minorities.


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