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ACCA-X celebrates its first birthday


11 Apr 2016


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As ACCA-X closes in on 100,000 enrolments in a year, the courses are proving demand for flexible and affordable remote learning is here to stay

This week, ACCA’s (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) innovative online learning programme, ACCA-X, celebrates its first anniversary since its launch.  ACCA-X’s digital courses have opened up access to the accountancy profession for thousands of individuals and businesses alike allowing learners access to high quality, flexible and affordable study.

Since launching in April 2015, ACCA-X has seen enrolments top 92,000 for its two free courses - Introduction and Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting - and its three paid for courses - Accountant in Business, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting which all form part of ACCA’s Diploma in Accounting and Business.

Reza Ali, ACCA Director of New Ventures, said: “ACCA-X is a global learning community that is removing barriers to study. At the heart of its creation is a desire to provide accessible, affordable and high quality learning that enables ambitious individuals anywhere with the opportunity to obtain the skills and qualifications for a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management.

“ACCA-X attracts a diverse range of talent to the profession who are looking to gain either valuable financial literacy skills or prepare for the ACCA Qualification. We are thrilled with the number of registrations from individuals with little or no experience of finance wanting to increase their knowledge. We aim to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people through courses that utilise a mix of media that will appeal to a range of learning styles. The fact that anyone in the world can gain access to high quality tuition means more countries can benefit through greater financial literacy of their citizens. From small business owners to students aspiring to become accountants, being able to improve financial skills is a great benefit to society.”


Inspiring testimonials

ACCA-X asked learners their thoughts after they began their ACCA-X journey. The responses range from needing new skills to start a new business venture, to returning to the programme recognising their abilities in an unconventional way.

Reza Ali comments: 'It is truly inspiring to hear how the experience has helped people from around the world to begin a new part of their life with ACCA-X.'

Sowmya Murali from India says:

“I graduated from school in 2014, with a dream. I wanted to pursue a course in ACCA, as well as complete the present course I'm taking: Chartered Accountancy.  As clear as my dream was, it also seemed impossible. My parents may not be able to pay for my education at ACCA. When I saw the course on Edx, it seemed like fate beckoning to me. I just grabbed the opportunity. It was an amazing experience, and it made me want to take the course even more. So here I am, setting my new goal; Not so much new as a reinforcement of my original aim. I am going to join the course at ACCA as soon as I am able to. Thank you, ACCA, for the wonderful course online. It was an amazing journey, one I'm sure to pursue.”

Tori Ivory from the United States of America says: 

“I run the financial department for a small ministry based in Texas that is looking to expand into international missions. I had never received finance training before so the person running the department before me trained me in what to do and how it all worked together. As we've grown, though, I realized that I did not have the know-how to continue helping build the department if I didn't receive more training. A friend told me about the course and I have learned so many things. I've been doing most of what the course teaches already, but wasn't familiar with any of the terms or processes until taking this class. Now I feel like I am able to communicate where the business is at more clearly and I have a way better handle on how the finances look on a weekly basis. This has definitely helped me become better at my job.”

Tobias Gisley from Switzerland says:

“First, I was very insecure about the difficulty of the courses. But soon after starting I discovered the abilities which were still inside of me. I had a lot of fun watching the course videos and especially the quizzes where I could test my understanding and immediately receive feedback. The forums where other students posted, gave me a lot of ideas and different approaches to solve problems.   The possibility to review the works of others also gave me a new aspect and way of learning, which was very interesting.  I'm sure I will continue to undertake such courses as it will definitely help me in my career.”

Nekeshia Forde from Trinidad and Tobago says:

“I have recently completed the introductory course and decided to move on to the intermediate course. While browsing the ACCA website I discovered ACCA-X. I am delighted to tell you that I am happy I discovered this course. First of all it's free. I would usually have to pay close to 5000.00 to complete this course if I enrolled in a community college.    I am grateful for this course because it provides all the information needed and the videos provided are easy to understand, straight forward and informative. I also get to go over the videos if I don't understand the first time. This course being online is very interactive and fun, which makes you want to continue studying. There is no pressure to complete it and I can do the exam whenever I feel comfortable. Thank you again for making this course available to everyone it is greatly appreciated.”

Courses feature expertly written content with tutor support available for both paid and free courses. Tutors are experts in wide variety of international accounting issues, from financial reporting to taxation. ACCA-X’s digital learning programme is available anytime, anywhere making it suitable for different learners and lifestyles. ACCA-X’s highly relevant content enables users to get ahead with the skills needed for literacy in accountancy and finance.

Mr Ali concludes: “The sign-up statistics show demand for ACCA-X is growing in the Asia Pacific region and also in developing economies. The online courses also appeal to a wide range of age groups – the average age of the ACCA-X learner is 28, with 33% of learners aged 25 and under, and those aged 41 and over at 13%. Students have been enrolling from 230 countries and territories from around the world.”



For further information:

Lali Sindi, ACCA Newsroom

tel: +44 (0)20 7059 5643

mob: +44 (0)7921 698085


Notes to Editors

There are five ACCA-X courses that run four times per year: 

• Delivered on the respected edX platform, an online learning destination founded by MIT and Harvard, ACCA-X’s open access courses feature professional content developed by Epigeum. 

• The two free courses - Introduction and Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting courses which are available to anyone, anywhere in the world. These courses prepare learners for ACCA’s foundation level certificates. 

• The paid for courses are Accountant in Business, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting which are available in over 190 countries. These courses prepare learners for the Diploma in Accounting and Business.

• Success in these three papers and the completion of ACCA’s Professionalism and Ethics module will lead to the Diploma in Accounting and Business. The cost of each course will be $89USD. Registration and exam fees also apply.


About ACCA

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. It offers business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management.

ACCA supports its 178,000 members and 455,000 students in 181 countries, helping them to develop successful careers in accounting and business, with the skills required by employers. ACCA works through a network of 95 offices and centres and more than 7,110 Approved Employers worldwide, who provide high standards of employee learning and development. Through its public interest remit, ACCA promotes appropriate regulation of accounting and conducts relevant research to ensure accountancy continues to grow in reputation and influence.

Founded in 1904, ACCA has consistently held unique core values: opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity and accountability. It believes that accountants bring value to economies in all stages of development and seek to develop capacity in the profession and encourage the adoption of global standards. ACCA’s core values are aligned to the needs of employers in all sectors and it ensures that through its range of qualifications, it prepares accountants for business. ACCA seeks to open up the profession to people of all backgrounds and remove artificial barriers, innovating its qualifications and delivery to meet the diverse needs of trainee professionals and their employers. More information is here:


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