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ABADA President receives IRU Order of Merit


09 Nov 2012



IRU awards Tofiq Nurullayev, ABADA President, the IRU Order of Merit for 20 years of outstanding service to the road transport industry.


Geneva - The International Road Transport Union (IRU) is pleased to announce that it has awarded the IRU Order of Merit to the President of its Member Association, the Azerbaijan International Road Carriers Association (ABADA), Tofiq Nurullayev, in appreciation of his exceptional contribution to the road transport industry at both national and international levels, notably as an exemplary supporter of IRU initiatives in his region over the last 20 years.


Since its creation and subsequent admission to IRU Membership in 1993, ABADA, under the leadership of Mr Nurullayev, has actively promoted cooperation and understanding among its members and all the Ministers of the Azeri Government, thus greatly contributing to the facilitation of road transport in this geopolitically sensitive region.


A founding member of the Union of Road Transport Associations in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Region (BSEC-URTA) in 2001, ABADA has always closely cooperated with its sister organisations for the promotion and implementation of the TIR System and other international facilitation tools such as the UN multilateral Conventions and the BSEC Memoranda. During all these years, cooperation between the IRU, ABADA, BSEC-URTA and its members has been much enhanced by the clear vision and support of Mr Nurullayev.


Presenting the award at the IRU General Assembly, IRU President, Janusz Lacny, said to Mr Nurullayev, “You have set an excellent example for all professionals in the road transport industry to follow. We are grateful for your dedication, hard work and leadership in promoting the facilitation of international road transport in your region”.


Tofiq Nurullayev is highly commended by the IRU Members of the region and by BSEC-URTA for his unfailing and devoted service in the promotion of regional understanding and cooperation among the BSEC-URTA Member Associations and for his unceasing efforts to promote the road transport industry under the IRU umbrella. He has dedicated his whole professional life to the development of the road transport industry and is considered by his peers to be an exceptional and committed road transport professional.




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