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On the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, 10/12/18, publishes its 3rd issue


10 Dec 2018


“MONITOR magazine is not only a superb publication to understand and learn about racism and antisemitism in Europe. Because of the political developments inside and beyond the EU,reading MONITORis becoming ever more important so that we can understand how to fight extremist tendencies. A must read for everybody!” Richard C. Schneider, Editor at Large, ARD
On the 70th anniversary of the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights, the open access multimedia magazine, MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism,publishes a special 3rd issue, bringing global academic expertise on racism to public debate, from Europe to Latin America.
Racism in all its manifestations is on the rise globally, seven decades since the publication of these principles in the shadow of the Holocaust. MONITOR’s aim is to help to improve discussions on race in society and politics by bringing new research into the public domain.
In this issue, the magazine features videos, podcasts, and articles by experts from the United Statesand Europe, with leading social media expertise on the alt-right from Amsterdam, together with specialists in Washington DC, Indiana, London, Cambridge, and Florence. 
Our experts discuss: 
  • How to define antisemitism
  • Can Muslims be French too?
  • The Pittsburgh shooting and international white nationalism in history
  • Alt-right memes on the web
  • In popular culture, has Doctor Who shown the way with Rosa Parks?
To find out more, go to:
Contact: Monica Gonzalez Correa, Editor,
Twitter: @monitoracism