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Public Affairs
In the first 100 days of our Presidency, we pushed forward 90 pieces of EU legislation that bring large benefits to the lives of all Europeans (80 files concluded and 10 common understandings reached on the EU’s long-term budget).
The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU stands for convergence and cohesion in Europe by advancing files on topics such as the Digital Single Market, EU gas market, Banking Union, as well as by striving for transparent and predictable working conditions or reduction of CO2 emissions from trucks. By promoting files which improve the security of ID cards, that strengthen the European Border and Coast Guard, we are building a safer Europe. Common European values are guaranteed through files on whistleblowers or better work-life balance. The 15 files negotiated on Brexit ensure a smooth transition to EU27 and take the necessary measures in the case of no-deal Brexit. Check out the infographic to find out more about the EU progress made on legislative files under the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council.
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European Network on Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC)
Communications officer, the EU Human Rights Defenders Mechanism
Project Officer ( Meetings 2022)
E3G (Third Generation Environmentalism)
Researcher, Clean Economy (London/Brussels/Berlin)
Programme Manager – Plastics
Environmental Defense Fund Europe
Sr. Communications Manager, Energy Transition
FIDH Fédération Internationale pour les Droits Humains
Spanish-speaking globalization programme officer (M/F) based in Paris or Brussels
Health Care Without Harm
International Sustainability Director
European Institute of Peace
Environmental Peacemaking Programme Assistant
Health Care Without Harm
International Climate Director