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Medicines for Europe

Press Releases of this organisation

Off-patent medicines industry marks 30 years of delivering public health impact Medicines for Europe 12 Jun 2024 Health & Consumers
Reformed incentives system promises better patient access in Europe Medicines for Europe 11 Jun 2024 Health & Consumers
Generic medicines: 70% of dispensed medicines and critical to healthcare Medicines for Europe 10 Apr 2024 Health & Consumers
The future EU health agenda should bring EU solidarity to life Medicines for Europe 26 Mar 2024 Health & Consumers
Vote to level up the European Health Union in upcoming elections Medicines for Europe 25 Mar 2024 Health & Consumers
European Commission Biotech initiative must spearhead next wave of EU biosimilar advances for patients and stimulate manufacturing Medicines for Europe 21 Mar 2024 Health & Consumers
Parliament compromise on pharmaceutical legislation accelerates much needed reform Medicines for Europe 19 Mar 2024 Health & Consumers
Parliament’s balanced stand on Unitary SPC regulation rewards innovation via an efficient Unitary SPC system that protects against access to medicines delays Medicines for Europe 28 Feb 2024 InfoSociety
Court decision on Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) manufacturing waiver risks undermining its use Medicines for Europe 18 Jan 2024 InfoSociety
Now or never: Europe must seize the Pharma Legislation opportunity to ensure patient access to continuous innovation for existing medicines Medicines for Europe 07 Nov 2023 Health & Consumers
A step forward for the secure supply of medicines and manufacturing and for public health Medicines for Europe 25 Oct 2023 Health & Consumers
Time for the EU to take steps: a medicines security act is needed for health security Medicines for Europe 02 Oct 2023 Health & Consumers
A streamlined, digital regulatory framework is the foundation for equitable access to medicines Medicines for Europe 27 Sep 2023 Health & Consumers
European Parliament lends its support to a fair cost-based approach on EMA fees Medicines for Europe 30 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
Generic medicine pricing reforms needed in Slovakia to ensure supply for patients Medicines for Europe 23 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
EBA and Medicines for Europe signed a memorandum of agreement to accelerate Ukraine's integration into the EU pharmaceutical market Medicines for Europe 22 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
Off-patent medicines ready to drive pharma policy reform for equitable access, availability and security of medicines supply Medicines for Europe 15 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
Access to medicines and security of supply should be central to EU pharma and IP legislation reforms in Europe Medicines for Europe 13 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
EU must bolster biosimilar medicines policy to increase equity of access and bring much needed savings to healthcare budgets Medicines for Europe 25 May 2023 Health & Consumers
Medicines for Europe joins the Antimicrobial (AMR) One Health Network Medicines for Europe 09 May 2023 Health & Consumers
Future of pharmaceutical policy rests on secure supply of essential medicines Medicines for Europe 03 May 2023 Health & Consumers
Patients should benefit from greater access under new patent package proposals Medicines for Europe 28 Apr 2023 Health & Consumers
Reaction to EU Pharmaceutical legislation: Timely and equitable access for patients and security of supply essential for reform Medicines for Europe 27 Apr 2023 Health & Consumers
Harmonised bioequivalence guideline paves the way for global generic medicine development and access to medicines Medicines for Europe 26 Apr 2023 Health & Consumers
Market reforms needed to secure essential antibiotics against AMR, report says Medicines for Europe 16 Feb 2023 Health & Consumers
EU can do more for equitable access to medicines Medicines for Europe 13 Jan 2023 Health & Consumers
Billions more euros to re-invest in better healthcare thanks to biosimilar medicines Medicines for Europe 14 Dec 2022 Health & Consumers
2022 Health at a Glance Report highlights the need to rethink investments in health after the COVID-19 pandemic Medicines for Europe 05 Dec 2022 Health & Consumers
Giving medicines a new life: EU should foster patients’ access to Value Added Medicines Medicines for Europe 30 Nov 2022 Health & Consumers
Pharmaceutical legislation reforms must support equitable access to medicine in Central and Eastern Europe and security of medicines supplies Medicines for Europe 17 Nov 2022 Health & Consumers



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