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The European Bureau of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA European Bureau) is the body of the FIA concentrating on European issues. The FIA is a worldwide federation of Motoring and Touring Clubs, bringing together some 150 organisations in five continents. In the EU, the FIA represents more that 34 million motoring consumers. Much of the work of the FIA European Bureau focuses on defending and promoting the interests of the mobile consumer and maximising the societal benefits of motoring for all. The Bureau's work focuses on Road Safety, Consumer Protection, Environmental Protection, and the promotion of Sustainable Motoring.

Press Releases of this organisation

Euro NCAP now testing plug-in electric vehicles FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 24 Feb 2011 Innovation & Enterprise, Transport
CARS 21: More needs to be done to safeguard mobility FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 30 Oct 2008 Transport, Competition, Climate & Environment
City Mobility Depends on Good Local Public Transport FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 18 Feb 2010 Transport
Euro NCAP’s Top Five Safety Achievers of 2009 FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 04 Feb 2010 Transport
EuroNCAP Launches New Multi-lingual Website FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 02 Jun 2010 Transport
FIA Eurocouncil Calls Presidency to Address Road Infrastructure FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 02 Jul 2009 Transport
iCARS Network – Towards deployment of ICT in Transport FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 10 Nov 2010 Energy, Transport
ABS for Motorcycles: 1500 lives at stake; we can’t afford to wait, says FIA FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 15 Sep 2011 Health & Consumers
ABS for Motorcycles: FIA disappointed with flawed cost-benefit analysis FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 27 Feb 2012 Transport
ABS for Motorcycles: FIA welcomes IMCO support for earlier 2016 introduction FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 06 Dec 2011 Transport
Anti-lock Braking Systems on all motorcycles ASAP could save thousands of lives! FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 15 Oct 2010 Transport
As we face record fuel prices, proposed diesel hike will hit both consumers and the environment, says FIA Region I FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 19 Apr 2012 Energy, Transport
Automobile Club Action Plus and Automobile Club Prévention of France join European Road Safety Charter initiative FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 10 Jul 2008 Transport, Trade & Society
CARS 21 High Level Group: Meeting consumer expectations is key, says FIA FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 06 Dec 2011 Transport, Health & Consumers
Commission proposes disappointing LCV emission targets FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 02 Nov 2009 Transport
Congested Europe: How many times will mobile consumers have to pay? FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 16 Mar 2009 Transport
Congestion Charging Will Not Solve Traffic Problems in Cities FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 02 Oct 2009 Transport
Consumers need more transparency on electric vehicles, says new FIA Declaration FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 19 May 2011 Health & Consumers, Transport
Consumers welcome ENVI support for 95g target for passenger cars & 2017 test cycle FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 25 Apr 2013 Sustainable Dev., Transport, Trade & Society
Drastic EC Action Needed Against Slovenian Vignettes FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 19 Jun 2009 Transport
EC General vertical restraints BER review is not for cars” says FIA Eurocouncil FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 28 Jul 2009 Transport
eCall: We have waited too long for the call that could have saved so many lives FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 14 Mar 2013 Transport, Trade & Society
Electric Vehicles for Europe? New FIA Policy Paper on the Challenges Ahead for eMobility FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 21 Mar 2011 Transport
Euro NCAP publishing first Chinese vehicle rating FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 24 Nov 2010 Transport
EuroNCAP Focuses on Plug-in Vehicles and Advanced Safety Technologies FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 25 Aug 2010 Transport
Europe must not exclude price-favourable tyre pressure monitoring systems FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 19 Oct 2009 Transport
Europe's taxi tested: alarming results FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 10 Oct 2011 Transport
European citizens demand a fair price for fair usage of Slovenian highways! FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 08 Apr 2009 Transport
European Commission heads towards pragmatic future transport policy FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 17 Jun 2009 Transport
European Parliament backs eCall by 2015; now it is the Commission’s turn to act, says FIA FIA EUROPEAN BUREAU 03 Jul 2012 Transport



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